What We Do

Choose a valuable problem, or let us find one, and we’ll turn it into a business opportunity for you.

Augmented Business Design

Renew a business, or create a new one, using minds and machines.

Create a concept
Create a new business or reinvent an old one with our multidisciplinary team.

Find a solution in one week
Turn a problem into an actionable business concept in just one week.

Work like a start-up
Start-up as a service lets you work like a start-up without having to turn into one, and find the smartest solution more rapidly.

Adding Intelligence

Solve any valuable problem with minds and machines.

Start the path to AI
Take the first steps to integrate AI into your business today.

Understand your data
Understand what your data is really telling you on the way to creating a smarter business.

Understand people
Make intelligent decisions based on a deep knowledge of your customers and staff.

Implement intelligent machines
Let us build a machine-enabled business for you, so you can free up human minds to work more creatively.

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