Mind and Machine Manifesto

Here's what we're really about

We are entering an era in which our ability to solve valuable problems will be defined by a new partnership: human mind supported by machine intelligence. This is not a distant future. Soon, we will think of machine intelligence much like we have come to think of electricity: an integral part of our daily lives that is so commonplace we will only remark when it is not there.

With machine intelligence comes great freedom for the human mind. We are no longer bound by the tedium of repeatable tasks, so we must look for more interesting and valuable problems to solve. What can we put our minds to with this new freedom to create? What are our most valuable problems? And what kind of world do we want to make? Now is the time to discover what the human mind is really capable of; to embark on a new period of creation enabled by machines.

We believe that the most impactful businesses of the future will be created with minds and machines. Our team of scientists, designers, business strategists, researchers, creatives and machines help businesses better understand what’s going on today, and what their world could look like tomorrow. We turn this knowledge into human-centred business designs to renew businesses and create new ones. We add intelligence and creativity every step of the way.

There has never been a better time to love problems. The future isn’t scary. We’ll see you there.

How to Plus One

  1. Find valuable problems
  2. Automate the shit out of your business
  3. Be human
  4. Question everything
  5. Insist on diversity
  6. Always be plussing

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